Accredited Course 3 Day Live or Online

The Internet Marketing Diploma

Our accredited Internet Marketing Diploma is packed with upto date information on creating and growing an online business. It is available online or as a 3 day intensive live training course. This course is a 3 day intensive, full-time course from 9 am – 6 pm each day.

The accredited courses gives assurance that the content of our training courses is of the highest standard and meets the rigorous quality assurance requirements of a national awarding organisation. The course is equivalent to Level 3 on the QCF Framework.

A Comprehensive Course

The Internet Marketing Diploma is one of our most popular course. This intensive courses teach you what you need to know to take a business from concept to creation and getting it online. It covers creating a website, getting found on Google and other search engines, how to get traffic and convert website visitors to buyers.


3 Day Course Outline

The course is led by our founder Simon Coulson and covers the following areas:

Online Business Models 

– Selling physical products 

– Selling digital products 

– Affiliate marketing 

– Lead generation / CPA 

 Online services

Market Research 

– Identifying online trends 

– Measuring market size 

– Measuring competition 

– Market analysis methodology

Digital Product Creation 

–  eBooks

– CD 


Domain Names & Hosting 

Registering a domain name

 – Website hosting

Creating Websites 

– Installing WordPress

 – WordPress themes

– WordPress plugins

 – WordPress widgets 

– Other website platforms

Website Analytics 

– Testing & Tracking 

– Identifying traffic sources

 – Market ‘split’ testing 

– Opt-in rates 

– Conversion rates

Selling Online

– Online selling principles

– How to create sales pages

– Sales objections

– Implementing upsells and down sells

– Shopping carts

– Payment gateways

– Coupon codes

Customer Contact Strategies

– Opt-ins and autoresponders

– Squeeze pages

– Email systems

Social media – Mobile marketing

Search Engine Optimisation 

– Search engine optimisation 

– Strategies – Factors affecting SEO on Google

 – Understand Page Optimisation 

– Creating an SEO friendly website 

– Understand off page optimisation –Building links 

– Negative factors affecting SEO 

– SEO measuring tools

 Mobile Marketing

– Mobile apps

– Text message marketing

– Mobile friendly websites

– Mobile advertising

Video Marketing

– Introduction to video marketing

– Video marketing strategies – Video sales letters

– How to optimise video for SEO

– How to rank video on YouTube

– Video streaming

– How to syndicate video

– How to create a video 


Pay Per Click Advertising

– Building keywords

– Advert targeting

– Writing adverts

– Advert variations

– Advert tracking

– Google Adwords

– Search and content networks

– Facebook advertising

– YouTube advertising

– LinkedIn advertising

Google Places

– Get listed In Google’s business directory

– Get your listing to the top of Google’s directory

– Purchasing Ad Space

– Understanding ad space buying

– Where to purchase ad space

– How to use ad space effectively

Understanding outsourcing

– Where to find outsourcers from $1 an hour

– What to outsource

– How to outsource

– How to make sure your jobs are done well

Social Media For Business

– Understand uses of social media

– Social bookmarking

– Understanding Facebook

– Fan page tips

Understanding how Facebook ranks posts –

– How to create a Facebook fan page

– Setting up a Facebook store

– How to leverage viral Facebook campaigns

– Facebook competitions

Understanding Twitter

– Twitter For Traffic, SEO and links

– Building followers on Twitter

– How to encourage Tweets and links

Understanding LinkedIn

How to leverage LinkedIn

– Action planning

– How to construct an online marketing programme

Student Feedback

"Attending the 3 day accredited Internet Marketing Diploma, changed my life. I moved from a corporate job to self employed entrepreneur, living on my own terms. I really happy now and cant think Simon and the team enough."
Claire perry
Internet Marketing Diploma Student

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