Amazon No.1 Best Selling Author System

Having the credibility and status of a No. 1 Amazon Bestselling Author can have a profound impact on your business. During the course, you will learn everything you need to know to write, publish and market your book. Join this intensive online training course and learn what it takes to get your book to the No.1 spot on Amazon with an award-winning publisher, Richard McMunn.

Book Publishing Course

Learn all you need to know to write, published your book and start making sales with Richard McMunn, UK best-selling author and publisher. Finding a publisher can be hard work, and even if you manage it, your publisher will no doubt take most of the profits. Thanks to the introduction of Amazon Kindle, and other tools and resources now available, ‘Self-Publishing’ is a profitable reality.

Course Outlines

Stephen Sawyer, UK Best-Selling Author,wanted to write and publish a book to help people get a career in the Formula 1 industry, either as an Engineer or F1 Driver. Soon after his launch he sold a staggering 43 copies in just 1 day which equates to a gross income of £644.57!
Stephen Sawyer
UK Beast Selling Author

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