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Facebook Courses

Facebook is still one of the most popular Social Media networks on the internet, which means your ideal customer is on Facebook, regardless of what type of business you run. We have FOUR Facebook courses covering:  Facebook Ads, Facebook Groups, Facebook Marketing and Facebook Chatbox.

For must business, this is not a platform to ignore. Interested in becoming a Facebook specialist? These courses will give you the knowledge you need.


Instagram gives you a channel to gain exposure for your business, engage customer with your brand, special offers or new products without a big marketing budget. 

Our tutorials will walk you through how to set up your account, the functionality of the platform, how to build a following on Instagram, promote yourself and your business using both free and paid methods.

Reach a global audience and promote your business with your Tweets. Whatever the size of your business, Twitter will help you reach new customers, engage with existing ones and build trust and brand awareness.

This course will walk you through setting up your account, the functionality of the platform, how to build a following and run promotions for free and use Twitter’s paid advertising channel.


Finding it hard to build the right connections and business leads from LinkedIn? This highly educational and informative training course will teach you how to create the perfect profile, dramatically increase your exposure and build massive leads using one of the world’s most influential business social platforms.

This training course is perfect for either LinkedIn ‘newbies’ or entrepreneurs who have been using LinkedIn for several years.

Snapchat is a social media platform which is only accessible from your mobile or tablet via an app and allows you to take pictures, videos and send messages. Usage is expanding yet only 3% of users are business so this is an opportunity to get in early.

Follow the step by step video tutorials to build your Snapchat knowledge and become an expert on Snapchat in your business circles!


Pinterest is a catalog style social sharing platform which enables you to create ‘Pin Boards’ of visual content (images and videos) to promote your business and reach a whole new audience. It make sense to learn how to market your business on this popular and growing social site.

This course will take you from setting up your account to advertising your business on Pinterest.

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