Why Should I attend a Webinar?

So you are new to the digital marketing world Or not so new but want to learn more? On the other hand, perhaps a new career in the digital marketing space beckons? You need training, expert advice or ‘how to guides’ however you don’t have the time or money?

This is where webinars can help.  

What is a Webinar?

A webinar is essentially an online based conference. It has a host(s) leading a talk in a form of a presentation or in some cases a demonstration. This could take the form of training, class, seminar workshop or a discussion. The main purpose is to share knowledge and information and help the audience learn and grow. 

Webinars can take different formats, here are some examples:

  • A 1.5- 2 hours presentation with slides (may include a demo)
  • A moderated session where there is one person leading and contributions from the audience
  • A days conference with multiple speakers. Sometimes called a summit
  • An interview
  • Panel discussion

This is not an exhaustive list and but this is just to show you that a Webinar can come in so many different formats.

So why should you attend a Webinar? Here are:

7 Reasons to Attend a Webinar (plus a bonus tip)

1. Lots of options for FREE Webinars

There are lots of free Webinars and it is a great opportunity to learn. Or if you are thinking of buying a service or product, it is a good way to see a demo before making a purchase. However not all Webinars are free and it really depends on the company or type of information. Some webinars are free live if you watch it live and the replay is a paid for service.

2. Save time and money

How many times have you wanted to go to an event and couldn’t because of the location? Attending a webinar removes this barrier. This saves time and money on travelling costs. So you could be in the comfort of your home, beach, at your 9-5 whilst learning about your side hustle or wherever you choose to be!

3. Network and learn from experts

Connect with businesses and experts from around the world which opens up a wider range of learning opportunities. Equally, the audience can join from anywhere in the world too! In our global world, this is can help you get a competitive advantage or perhaps learn something that you can apply in your local market. 

4. Opportunity to Interact

It is also a good way to interact and so providing opportunities to ask questions in different ways. Even if a response is not given right away, a good host should email you (with consent) after the seminar. There is also the interaction with the hosts and other attendees through instant messenger or chat. In some cases this is also available via social media. Many Webinars include a Q&A session which is a great way to get instant answers to your questions.  

5. It’s Easy!

It is oh so very easy to attend a webinar. It is as easy as being on the internet! All you need is an internet connection and device. Most webinar software are compatible with the majority of devices so with just a click you could be learning something new or consolidating knowledge!

6. Get Expert Info (for free!)

At the end webinar, many hosts offer the slides either as a presentation or Pdf to all attendees for FREE. This helps audience members to take action on the information from the webinar and also a reference resource.  Afterall, you may need a reminder in the weeks post the event.  Do note that this option is very much down to the host.

7. Leave when you want

As an audience member, if you start the webinar and realise it is not for you, leaving is easy. Just exit by closing down the tab.

Much less awkward than leaving a room!

Hopefully, this won’t be the case as the information in the publicity should be what is delivered.

Bonus Tip – Can’t make the scheduled time for a webinar?

There may be times when you want to attend a seminar but there is a clash or an emergency.. still register! There is a good chance that the host will offer you a replay to watch for a limited time period. Equally some webinars are available indefinitely after the live broadcast. You may not have the opportunity to ask a live question but there is likely to be a way of contact the host for more information/questions.  

How do I find a Webinar to attend?

There are several ways to find a webinar. There is off course good old Google. If there are companies you are interested, they may offer this option so do take a look at your emails or check the company’s website.

There are also these websites:


This website categories webinars by categories and some a free and paid.


At the time of writing, this offers a range of free webinars mostly in the digital marketing space.

Eventbrite is also a great way to search for Webinars.  Their search facility is very easy to use and you search by topic.

And one other thing….

Just note that as webinars are not location dependent, they could be anywhere in the world but do check you time zone!5


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