Thinking of doing webinars and meetings online?

7 Reasons to Use Zoom for Virtual meetings

We all need to talk especially if we are in business. The ability to meet online is now essential for most business owners.

Meeting online is cost and time effective – no travel costs. Both for you, clients and customers. Who couldn’t do with saving time and money?

There is also the potential for a wider audience because it is an opportunity to cast your net further.

There are lots of options for video conferencing software. One that has emerged as the most popular and effective is Zoom. So much so that ‘Zooming’ is becoming part of our vocabulary .

And we know why.

We have used it and found it very easy to use.

Here are 7 reasons to use Zoom

.... and if you read until the end, there are a few extra features you should know about.

1.You can start meeting online for free!

The free plan gives 40 minutes (often extended during the current cliamate) meeting and upto 100 participants.

Zoom can be used for one-to-one meetings or for conferences, it’s upto you! You can have an unlimited number of meetings too.

If you decide to go for a paid plan, it starts at only S14.99/£11.99 a month.

2.Time Saving features

Stream your meeting or webinar to Facebook or Youtube . This saves time and brings your message to a wider audience.

3. A range of security features

Avoid unwanted guests with a range of features. You can password protect your meeting. Or only allow people who have registered or arrive from a particular domain address.  Using features like enable waiting room. Once the meeting is in session and everyone you expect to be in the meeting is there, you can lock the room.

There is also the option to remove people from the room.

By the way – Zoom’s updated privacy policy means that user content is not used for advertising purposes and videos are only recorded if you decide to record.

4. Integrates with a range of other apps via market place so that you can do more.

I think this is one of the best features of Zoom. It can be connected to a range of different sofware a short list is below. This means you can take payments, schedule payments and a lot more with Zoom.


Get Response 


the Cabinet




Schoox Academy


Practice Better
Natural Therapy Pages


Google Calendar
Appointy Meetings
Click up
Microsoft Teams
On Board
and so much more!

5. Works on any device

Whether you are using a laptop, tablet or phone, Zoom delivers meeting through all devises. Works on Android and ios devices. All you need is wifi! Access Zoom in a browser or app.

6. It’s great for collaboration.

You can share your screen. So whether it’s that Powerpoint application, productivity tool or something else, get feedback on what your are working with. There is also a whiteboard feature where you can share notes or have a brainstorm or dump all your ideas on the screen.

7. Just for fun!

All work and no play, can be dull. Why not use Zoom as a way to socialise with colleagues or other members on your team.

Or perhaps you prefer to play games with family and friends. Why not use Zoom to play games like Kahoot!, Most Likely game, Charades, Pictionary and so much more, range of board games like Chess and Monopoly.

Or perhaps you use it for a fun social. Share a meal or a drink or two over Zoom. So you can be still be socialise..even at a distance.

Stay in touch!

And if you need more reasons to use Zoom...

.... here are THREE more!

8.Record and keep your session on Zoom

Record your meeting and upload this to your website or perhaps re purpose for social media or blog posts. Or perhaps record your course using Zoom! 

Providing you have a Zoom subscription you can also record in the cloud and to your device. 

9. Setup break out rooms

This is very useful to get people talking in smaller groups. For example you use this for discussion part of meeting or for networking.  You can then bring them back into the main session.

10. Change your background

You can change your background in zoom. This can be a picture or video. This helps with branding and also if your background is not as pretty as you would like.

If you would like to get started with Zoom and save time to get be best out of Zoom, we have a course that shows you how to get the most of your Zoom account. We show you so that you can save time!

With our Online Zoom Course 

We offer a step by step video guide on how to use Zoom for your business and engage your audience.

Want to learn more about the course?

Save time and get the most out of Zoom with our online course

The Course is divided into two sections 

1 – Welcome & course overview
2 – Plans and Pricing
3 – Zoom Referral and Partnership Program
4 – Meeting Settings
5 – Adding In Your Calendar
6 – User Settings
7 – Live Closed Captioning
8 – Creating A Meeting – Part 1
9 – Creating A Meeting – Part 2
10 – Creating A Webinar – Part 1
11 – Creating A Webinar – Part 2
12 – Mobile Meetings and Webinars
13 – Scheduling with Calendar
14 – Managing Your Zoom Recording
15 – Editing Your Zoom Recording
16 – Transcribing Your Recording
17 -Native Integrations – YouTube Upload
18 – Storage Integrations
19- Transcribing Your Recording
20 Conclusion – Part 1 Summary.

More third party integrations and how to use to engage and profit from your meetings and webinars

1 – Overview
2 – On-Demand Webinars – Part 1
3 – On-Demand Webinars – Part 2
4 – Streaming Webinars To Facebook Live – Part 1
5 – Streaming Webinars to Facebook Live – Part 2
6 – Streaming Webinars to YouTube Live – Part 1
7 – Streaming Webinars To YouTube Live – Part – 2
8 – Zapier Integrations Overview
9 – Zoom and Aweber
10 – Zoom and Getresponse
11- Zoom and Meetup
12 – Zoom and Eventbrite
13 – Zoom and PayPal
14 – Zoom and Stripe
15 – Zoom and Manychat
16 – Integration with Skype for Business
17 – Live Example – Part 1
18 – Live Example – Part 2
19 – Live Example – Part 3
20 – Conclusion


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